Our Journey
How we got here…

The "Cliff Note" Version

Love makes us euphoric, sometimes crazy, most of the time for the better. I know firsthand about the highs and deepest lows, all of which have made me who I am, the reason I am here today, how I found true love...and Sharethelovely

Find your own truth, follow your own path, live authentically.
- Sharethelovely

The "Love Story"

Joining in the partnership of marriage, after finally experiencing true love, was a magical journey and a passage that deserved an unforgettable celebration. I wanted our wedding to represent the miracle we found in each other, the pinnacle of everything I thought I'd never find, love and peace, the one thing every human seeks in order to feel truly fulfilled...

The "Real Story"

After over a decade of pain, now with a support group of over 200 members, I survived stronger than before, and different, but with more appreciation and passion for the simple things, and the importance of being mindful - that our choices matter and make a difference, not only to ourselves, but our loved ones, our community, and our world.

Positive Impact, One Dress at a Time.
- Sharethelovely

Share it forward

Finding the Love of your life is a gift! Giving back is such a natural way to start your next chapter of happily-ever-after. We're here only once, make it meaningful, and authentic and Share the Lovely - even the smallest act of kindness gives another a chance for the same.