Decor You’ll Never Use Again

The majority of wedding decor is never used again after a couple’s big day. Being intentional about the decor that you purchase can help keep your wedding budget on track. Choose decor that you can envision yourself using long after your wedding day to make sure you’re maximizing its value and minimizing your waste. They may very well be decor items that you wouldn’t be able to use in your home or and don’t fit your long-term style but consider your decor items for future events and celebrations or share them with a neighbor. There are also options to sell your decor online, for example, you can sell on the Sellebrate app.


photo by Daniela Nizzoli, floral design by Anthea Studio, wedding venue: Villa Grabau


Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

Encourage your bridal party to pick a dress within a certain color palette rather than style to encourage continued use after the ceremony.  Often they will be able to repurpose a gorgeous dress they already have in their closet. Opting to allow bridesmaids to pick their own dress, saves money and ensures everyone shows up in something they love and will probably reuse in the future. Try choosing a fairly neutral color as a start. Cocomelody is also a great option to sell bridesmaid dresses that no longer fit or will be a great find for future bridesmaids, allowing them to save money and reduce waste! While your saving money on wedding attire, Consider saving more on the one item in your closet that is the most costly (think one or two paychecks) that is worn just once. has new and preowned dresses up to 75% helping save $100s - $1000s while staying carbon neutral. 


Photo: Brett Heidebrecht

Paper Invitations

If you’re comfortable sending your wedding invitations electronically, going digital is a great way to save money and trees. If you’re attached to the idea of having a forever keepsake, lessen paper usage by sending a formal wedding invitation on paper stationery and including the URL to your wedding website, where you can direct all other wedding correspondence electronically such as RSVPs. 


Save the Date Cards and Multiple Invitations

If we’re talking about excess and paper invitations, then we must bring up the Save the date cards which are overkill unless guests have to travel and live far away and will need to negotiate time off to attend or for a destination wedding which may require passports, flights and time off from work. One other exception is weddings that are close to important holidays when guests are likely to plan something else for the holiday. The same as paper invitations, these can easily be sent out digitally and with reminder notifications and important updates to help manage your guest's experience.


Cheesy Wedding Favors

Be intentional when choosing wedding favors and purchase only items you believe your guests will actually use and enjoy. Edible options like fair trade coffee or chocolate can be a great choice that your guests are guaranteed to appreciate. Sourcing favors from local vendors is also a great way to not only do something good for the environment and support local businesses but also helps give your parting gift a personalized feel to commemorate your special day.


Send Offs and Releases

Today brides are considering the environmental effects of their wedding and are streamlining over-the-top displays. Fireworks, for the desired effect, are costly and come with environmental concerns such as toxic gases and pollutants that are toxic to birds, wildlife, pets, livestock. Balloon releases might not cost a bundle but they do require a lot of time and effort and 100s of balloons to achieve the desired effect.. In this case, even biodegradable balloons take up to 4 years to decompose after they shatter at higher altitudes. What about a bubble send-off? This option is interactive for your guest too.


Bubble Wedding Send off for interactive fun


Multi-Course Dinners

Multi-Course Dinners at a wedding is a Time, Money and Energy Sucks that puts most of your guests in a state of slumber or wishing they were able to take a snooze rather than dance the night away. It’s usually save to eliminate one course, especially if there is more than three being served. Imagine the great abundance of food that goes to waste at weddings...


Candy Buffet

Speaking of waste, the candy buffet trend might have seen its day in the sun. Dessert is great but in our opinion, the Candy bar is a bit juvenile. Stick with a mini dessert bar. Keep it a little more grown-up. Plus, most of the candy goes to waste and is probably more for show and than anything. Save your money and health! 


The Adorned “Wall” 

It seems like covering the wall in a theme has become a trend. Covering any wall with anything costs a lot and is highly wasteful unless it can be used in the future. Some examples that come to mind are Flower Walls, Donut Walls, Balloon Walls. This all seems so over the top and wasteful.


Trend that is out - Wall of Flowers


Huge Wedding Parties

Can you say “work” “stress” and “cost”. Managing so many many friends, their wardrobe, their schedule, and their emotions is not easy for anyone, let alone a bride and groom that are just short of coming apart at the seams...The most important point to consider today is to make sure you're planning a wedding that is a reflection of your relationship, your love story, and your personalities. Managing too much and too many people will take the fun out of your big day. 


Big Wedding Party is Wasteful 2021


Final words --- Try to downsize the cost, projects, and people so you can remember to smile and enjoy your most important event and take away truly positive memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


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