5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Florals


Most brides don’t think heavily about the environmental impact of their wedding. Sustainability and wedding are two words you don’t usually hear in the same sentence. We want to change that. There are countless ways for a bride and groom to make their special day eco-friendly. One easy way to support sustainability is through your floral arrangements. 


5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Florals:


  • Mixed Materials

Using an alternative material for your wedding florals has the potential to be eco-friendly while also guaranteeing your wedding will be unique. Brides can use old maps, music sheets, book pages, or newspapers to create their one of a kind bouquets. If paper flowers aren’t your style you can use recycled or organic fabrics. 


  • Potted Plants

Using potted plants as centerpieces will add a unique and fresh touch to your special day. Unlike traditional pre-cut flowers, potted plants won’t wilt or weather throughout the day. When your wedding is over, you can take the potted plants home to keep or gift to others. Succulents are a perfect option. 


  • Dried Flowers

Believe it or not, you can actually order dried flowers off of Amazon. You can also save old flowers to make your own dried flowers, but be careful this does require some specific skills and steps. Dried flowers look perfect for fall and winter weddings.

  • Local Florals

If you are using fresh flowers, try to shop locally. Locally grown flowers have a smaller negative impact on our environment. Because the flowers are closer to your home, the delivery vehicle travels a shorter distance, therefore, burning less gas into the atmosphere. In addition, there will be fewer materials used in shipping when bought locally. 


  • Donate Your Florals

If you didn’t love any of our previous ideas or your heart is set on traditional wedding florals, don’t fear. You can donate your flowers when the big day is over! You can either coordinate the donation yourself or use a company such as the Reflower Project. Whether it be a community center, nursing home, or a women’s shelter, there are many ways to donate.