We all know that weddings can be expensive. You might have a small budget at first, but as the expenses add up, that budget can easily get a little stretched! From the vendors to the stationery, there are so many pieces of a wedding! And that doesn’t even begin to take into account for your wedding day attire. You want a meaningful gown that makes you feel incredible. But you don’t want the high costs of a wedding gown! That is where we come in. At Share the Lovely, our job is to help you find the perfect wedding gown at a fraction of the cost. Many of our pre-loved gowns and new sample gowns are up to 75% off - which means huge savings for you (and your budget!).

Save Money, And Be Sustainable

When you buy a pre-owned gown, not only are you saving money, but you are also reducing waste! So many wedding items day are thrown away or never used again. Flowers wilt and paper is thrown away. By selecting a gown from Share The Lovely, you can wear an incredible gown without letting it go to waste.

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How Buying A Pre Owned Wedding Gown Saves You Money

No Uncomfortable and Awkward Try-On Experiences

One of the biggest hesitations of buying a gown online is the try-on experience. Many online market places, like Craigslist, might require you to try it on in a public space (Like a Target Bathroom). This definitely makes it awkward and not the best place to see if you like a gown.

But the most unique aspect that makes Share the Lovely so special is our partnership with local boutiques. You can have a gown shipped right to a local participating bridal boutique so you can try it on without risk even before you purchase it! This gives you a complete shopping experience with your family and friends by your side. These local boutiques can help you into the gown, with a seamstress if needed. Most gowns need alterations, from brand new to pre-loved! So why not try on your gown in a boutique where you can get feedback and a professional fitting if needed.

And don’t worry, if it’s not the gown for you, you can try on other gowns at the boutique, and if none suit your needs, you don’t have to worry about returns, the boutique and Share the Lovely handle everything. You can go your own way and keep searching for the one! Our “Try Before You Buy” program allows you to try it on before making the commitment, without risk or hassle!


Incredible Quality

One of the biggest concerns brides have when shopping for a gown online is the quality of a pre-owned gown. Will there be holes? Dirt? How do I know it is in good condition? When you shop on some of those other preowned marketplace websites, there is no quality control. You have to hope that the buyer is honest about the gown and telling you everything you need to know! You don’t have to worry about that here at Share The Lovely. Every single gown that is sold comes straight to us, where we inspect, get the gown ready for resale.

Share the Lovely cleans the dresses it received for resale as needed. Dresses may need spot cleaning, or they have been dry cleaned by the past bride. Often there is no sign of wear since they have only been worn for a few hours! Some brides preserve their dresses professionally, so they had been cleaned and sealed in a preservation box. About ¼ of the dresses we receive for resale has never been worn. Often brides purchase more than one dress, or there are other times that they just change their mind. This means you can even get a brand new, never-worn gown at a great discount.

Buy a Pre Owned Wedding Dress from Sharethelovely

Options For Every Style

Not only do we get gowns from brides, but we also work directly with bridal boutiques and bridal gown designers! That means you get a variety of gowns. With our extensive selection, you can find the gown of your dreams, no matter the style. From bohemian to modern to traditional, we have gowns that will fit your needs. Our designers include Daughters of Simone, Maggie Sottero, and Allure! Plus, new gowns are always being added. You can easily search by size, silhouette, and price.


A Way For You To Sell Your Gown

After you wear your gown, you can continue the sustainable cycle by selling your gown on Share The Lovely! You can purchase a gown at a discount, saving money, and then resell it for another bride to use. The best part? We take care of all of the backend legwork, so you don’t have to do a thing. We charge NO listing fee, take the photos of the gown, answer any questions a potential buyer has, set up shipping, and sending the gown out. No more trying to find a big enough box for the gown, or going to the post office! At Share The Lovely, we handle all of this for you.

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How Buying A Pre Owned Wedding Gown Saves You Money

Pre Loved Gowns For Everyone

A wedding dress is worn for 3 hours but costs 2 - 4 paychecks for most people. That is so impractical (and wasteful!). With the average wedding costing $35,000, that can leave very little room for your attire. Rather than purchasing your gown at full price and spending thousands of dollars, you can save up to 75% off of the same gown with Share The Lovely!