Advice from Circular Fashion Experts for Sustainably Minded and Budget Conscious Brides

“Waste is design gone wrong,” says Ina Bundle, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Circular Fashion System. The fashion industry has long been one of the most polluting industries, contributing massive amounts of waste and straining the planet’s natural resources, and the bridal sector is no exception. Now, innovative businesses, such as Sharethelovely, are looking to steer the direction of the fashion industry towards a circular model, keeping products in circulation longer and recapturing those products at the end of their life. Three circular fashion experts convened for the Sustainable Fashion Forum’s webinar series “Closing the Loop: The Future of Circular Fashion” to discuss the current sustainability challenges within the fashion industry and the circular solutions being used to tackle them. We’re sharing these experts’ advice on how to shop circular, and breaking down how their tips can help the sustainably-minded and budget-conscious bride.



  1. The Expert Advice: Be a mindful consumer. Be mindful of your purchasing decisions and only buy what you need. Take care of what you have and use it for as long as possible. When you no longer need a piece of clothing, make sure it gets a second life with a friend or at a second-hand store. 

Bridal Tips: Being conscious and intentional about what you choose to purchase for your wedding can help keep your budget on track. Choose decor that you can envision yourself using long after your wedding day to make sure you’re maximizing its value and minimizing your waste. After your big day, consider passing along some of your well-loved pieces to a newly engaged friend or reselling it here with Sharethelovely.



  1. The Expert Advice: Be creative with what you have. Don’t just shop to shop. Take a long hard look at what you have in your wardrobe first before incorporating new pieces. 

Bridal Tip: Opting to allow bridesmaids to pick their own dress, within a certain color palette, of course, allows your bridesmaids to shop their closet, saving money and making sure everyone shows up in something they love.



  1. The Expert Advice: Be curious where your clothes come from. Be intentional about where you choose to shop. Look into how a brand makes its products, whether the brand sources recycled materials and the recycling potential at the end of the garment’s life.

Bridal Tip: When registering, look for high-quality products, made from sustainable materials, that are sure to last you a lifetime.


  1. The Expert Advice: Shop second hand. Shopping second hand can unlock your fashion creativity and help you stay within budget. Since prices are often reduced, you can buy higher quality pieces at lower prices. 

Bridal Tip: This is what Sharethelovely was built for, and we’re glad you’ve found us! We’re here to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.