Choosing the Right Photographer

Every photographer is different and their approaches are different too. If you are looking for an authentic and natural photography style, then make sure to search specifically for this type of photographer. One easy way to do this is through social media. Check out the Instagram feeds of some of the photographers you’re considering. Do the couples in their photos look posed and rigid? Do they look relaxed and comfortable? Also, pay attention to Instagram bios and their captions. Does their bio mention a certain style? Do their captions talk about their approach to posing?

Connect with Your Photographer

Feeling comfortable around your photographer can make a huge difference in how your photos turn out. For some people, this might come naturally. For others, it can be super beneficial to set up a meeting for coffee or lunch to get to know one another. Another great way to get to know your wedding photographer is to book an engagement session with them. Not only will you get a chance to meet and talk, but you’ll also get a chance for you and your future spouse to get comfortable in front of the camera and eliminate any awkwardness.

Focus on Each Other

If you feel like you’re forcing a pose or smile, stop for a moment and take a breath. Just focus on interacting with your new spouse. Your photographer will be able to capture your authentic interactions as they play out. If you and your spouse love to hold hands, then go ahead and hold hands. Do what feels right to you. When you stay in the moment and focused on each other, and not worried about being camera ready, the authentic photos will happen naturally.

Consider Your Overall Appearance

Each bride is unique and special. While one bride’s personality might call for a grand, dramatic, larger than life party another bride might be drawn to a small, casual, intimate affair. Whatever your personality and vision may be, making sure your dress, makeup, hair, and accessories match your personality can help you to feel comfortable and confident. For example, if you love doing your makeup with fun bright colors try to mimic this on your wedding day. If you can’t stand heels and are most comfortable in sneakers, then go ahead and rock sneakers with your wedding dress.