After your wedding day has come and gone, a lot of couples ask the question, "What do I do with my wedding gown?!" While some people may choose to keep their gown, more and more brides are selling it! In fact, this trend has doubled since 2018, with more and more brides selling their gowns. Not only can you make money from selling your gown, but you can also make another bride's dreams come true by giving her access to a dress she loves at a price she can afford! Modern-day brides are ready to sell their gowns, and make another bride happy! But selling your wedding gown might seem like an overwhelming task. Where do you sell it? How do you handle shipping? At Sharethelovely, we make selling your gown incredibly easy and handle all the backend for you! Today, we are going to share the best tips for selling your gown on though Sharethelovely.

How to sell your wedding dress at Sharethelovely

No-Risk Selling

What sets us apart at Sharethelovely is our no-risk selling. You send us the gown, and we handle the rest. We do all the work, with no up-front fee! We will photograph your gown, publish the listing, and handle all calls and messages about the gown. We will even arrange the fitting and shipping of the gown! So you don't have to worry about shipping costs or arrangements. Plus, we do all the advertising. We sell through 3rd party places to reach millions of shopping brides. Thousands of potential buyers will see your gown. And you only pay when the gown sells. So zero up-front fees! 

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Bridal Resale Reimagined

Not everyone wants to be a salesperson. Not everyone has the time, patience, or skillset, plus who wants to meet up with a stranger, somewhere, somehow, after hours, or on your weekend! Many websites make you the salesperson, answering calls, taking pictures. But are Sharethelovely we do this all for you. We will also do the write-up and description, so the buyer knows exactly what gown it is.

How to sell your wedding dress at Sharethelovely

Sell At Anytime

There is no right or wrong time to sell your gown, but we suggest that you sell it within 6-12 months of wearing it. This way, you can ensure it is in the best condition and hasn't been sitting in a box for years. Make sure your gown is stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight (which can cause yellowing). And avoid a zip-tight plastic bag, since this can cause build-up moisture. And if you use tissue paper, make sure it is pH natural and acid-free.

If you do decide to get your gown dry cleaned, make sure they are a green dry cleaner! 85% of dry cleaners use a harsh chemical called Perc that works well on delicate fabrics but is linked to respiratory issues and air pollution. Green dry cleaners use better products and are a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative. Even if your cleaners advertise as "green" or "organic," be sure to ask if they use Perc, hydrocarbons, or D-5 cleaners, and be sure to avoid the toxic stuff.

Know Your Gown Is Taken Care Of

Our Concierge Resale service means that not only are you taken care of, but so is your gown and the next bride who will wear it! We partner with local bridal bounties to take care of our buyers, and we can send the gown straight to the boutique so they can try it on. This means that the gown is being carefully tried on with the help of an expert. No worry about rips or tears happening to the gown! The buyer can try on the gown in a boutique setting, which helps ensure the buyer does not return the gown (and a shorter turnaround time for you!). When a bride can see herself in the gown, in a boutique, with her family and friends, she will be much more comfortable! Gone are the days of trying on dresses in store bathrooms. They can try it on at home or in a partnering boutique.

How to sell your wedding dress at Sharethelovely

Be The Fairy Bridemother

When you are selling your pre-worn wedding gown, not only are you making money, but you are also paying it forward. Be the Hero for another bride! You can allow them to own the gown of their dreams within their budget. You are also making sure fewer gowns end in landfills and create a more sustainable future. Ready to sell your gown? Learn more about selling on Sharethelovely, here!