Whether you’re a stressed-out (but still glowing) bride to be or just looking to jump-start your new year with some well-deserved self-care, we’re sharing our tips and tricks on how to take care of yourself and the planet. 

We love a nice warm cup of tea in the cold winter months, but plastic tea bags can leave billions of microplastics behind. Loose leaf tea and tea infusers offer a sustainable alternative for brewing your favorite cup. We're in love with handmade bamboo tea strainers. We found a tea lover's dream in this full-tea-experience and ceremony kit at Ayamani Naturals


The Sacred Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

A nice warm bath is a perfect way to relax in the winter, but your shampoo and conditioner bottles leave a trail of plastic in their wake. This year, swap them out for shampoo and conditioner bars. 


Ethique Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Staying hydrated is critical for health and wellness, but single-use plastic water bottles can add up quickly. Reusable water bottles can help you cut down on plastic and create hydration habits.  

While we’re all stuck in a digital world, it’s important to make concerted efforts to take some time away from the screen and step outside. Spending time in nature not only provides a much needed mental break but has been shown to actually boost productivity. 



Whether you’re a master chef, or microwave meal aficionado, spending some time in the kitchen can provide some much needed time to rewind at the end of every day. Experimenting with new recipes not only offers a creative outlet and opportunity for culinary exploration but how you eat can actually help fight climate change. Try out a new vegetarian or vegan recipe to keep your carbon footprint down, you might find one you love.