As you plan your wedding, you might be in shock at how much goes to waste! A wedding gown that is worn once, to flowers that cost a fortune, can be shocking for many couples. At Share The Lovely, we believe that weddings can be sustainable and eco-friendly! We have gathered our top resources and vendors in Michigan and the Flint area so that you can plan a beautiful - and sustainable - wedding!

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It Starts With The Ring

One of the first purchases for any wedding is the engagement ring! Orchestra Custom Design Boutique in Alma, Michigan, is perfect for a couple looking for custom rings. Every bride is one of a kind, so your ring should be unique! Not only do these pieces allow you to show off your own unique style, but they're crafted from ethically sourced, recycled, and fair trade metals. They also ensure that all of the stones they source for their jewelry are ethically sourced. This means they are a gemologist-certified stone or have an origin certificate. 


Finding The Perfect Venue

Your venue is the biggest part of your wedding day! Not only does it set the theme of your wedding, but it is also often the largest part of the budget. If you are looking for a laid-back venue that is focused on fun, check out Blom Meadworks in Ann Arbor. It's a smaller venue and perfect for micro-weddings! They offer season brews that are made from locally sourced ingredients. 

If you are looking for an outdoor garden that is gorgeous all year round, check out Cushing Field House, located outside of Holly! Their indoor space is made from reclaimed barn wood and has a rustic feel but modern amenities. This space is so gorgeous; you don't have to spend that much on decor! Guests will love the natural beauty.

A Pre-Owned Wedding Gown from Share The Lovely

A Pre-Owned Wedding Gown from Share The Lovely

Another big wedding expense? The wedding gown! These gorgeous gowns are often worn just once and end up in the back of a closet, or worse, a landfill! Did you know wedding dresses are often made with man-made materials that can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade? That is definitely not the way to go! At Share The Lovely, we help offset the bridal world's environmental cost and give you a gorgeous gown at a huge discount.

Our large selection of overstock, samples, and pre-owned wedding gowns allows you to buy a gorgeous gown, at a fraction of the original price. Our inventory includes gowns in all styles, and sizes. From size 4 to 28, so you are sure to find a gown in your budget and your style.


Fresh Local Flowers

Flowers are often a key part of the wedding day decor but can be a huge cost and often go to waste. For beautiful and sustainable flowers, contact Gnome Gnome Flower Farm in Ann Arbor. The owner, Amanda, is a founder of Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative. Her mission is to create awareness and action and focus on no or low till farming. Her flowers are all seasonal and often locally grown. And she loves using food in her decor; Her goal is to create low waste events!

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Tasty Food

One of the things guests really remember at a wedding is the food! From Scratch Catering & Event Planning is located in Saginaw, and is an incredible sustainable catering company. Their food is 100% natural and uses locally sourced ingredients. 

If you are having your wedding in the Grand Rapids area, check out The Everyday Chef and Wife! They focus on local and organic catering that is unique and creative. They also have a full selection of plates, silverware, and glassware, so you don't have to find another rental company to deliver those.

Sustainable Wedding Vendors in Mid Michigan

Finish With Delicious Deserts

Wedding desserts are not just wedding cakes anymore! Couples are looking for a variety of unique and tasty treats. Honey + Milk started as a way to fund a homeless ministry serving hot breakfast in downtown Ann Arbor for those in need. They continue to give back by donating 15% of their profits to local charities in the area. They use locally sourced ingredients to create decorous cakes, cookies, and desserts.

Another great company that gives back? Grand Traverse Pie Company has locations throughout Michigan! Pie is a fun alternative to cake, and these pies are the best of the best. They work with several non-profit organizations throughout Michigan to fight childhood hunger and mentor youth in foster care. They have a variety of sizes, from mini 6" pies to 20" extra-large pies!

And if you need vegan options, Fairy Tale Confections have lots of flavors for you. This company focuses on organic ingredients and can also cater to those with unique allergies.


Sustainable Wedding Vendors in Mid Michigan

Fun Wedding Favors

Are you looking for some wedding favors that won't end up in the garbage? There are plenty of options! If you are tea lovers, check out Arbor Teas in Ann Arbor (or order online!) Their organic tea is fair trade and uses compostable packaging. 

Another Bon Bon Bon! This shop uses classic French techniques with local ingredients to create delicious treats that range from classic to bizarre, to exotic. Plus, these bite-sized pieces are easy for guests to eat and don't require forks or plates!


Sustainable Weddings

At Share The Lovely, we love to celebrate the individuality of every bride and every couple! We're here to help bring out your personality in every detail in a sustainable way.