Buying and selling a wedding gown can be an overwhelming process. You want a beautiful dress that you can afford and will likely spend hours or even months researching for “the one”. You may even have it shipped directly to your door, often without a refund option... crossing your fingers that it fits! But at, we make buying and selling your wedding gown easy, affordable, and a concierge experience. From letting you try it on in a bridal boutique near you, not a Walmart bathroom, to making sure all the gowns we sell are verified for quality and condition, we make this process a breeze!

#1 Try Before You Buy

Buying a wedding dress is an essential step in the wedding planning journey! But, brides want to see what the gown really looks like and if it fits before purchasing. We make buying a pre-owned and overstock wedding gown a breeze. All of our dresses can be tried on, whether it is at your home or at one of our local participating bridal boutiques. You can have the gown shipped to a local boutique and try it on in the comfort of a gorgeous boutique. And if you decide that it is not the one, there is no need to handle a complicated return process! Just enjoy the experience, try on some others at the boutique if you'd like, or continue on your way searching for the one. Bring your family and friends, and enjoy the experience with a professional. No more meetings on the side of the road to try on a dress you found in a marketplace!

#2 Verified Quality 

Do you feel nervous about buying a wedding gown online? Unsure if the gown will be in good condition? You don't have to worry about this at Share The Lovely all of our gowns are verified whether preowned, samples or overstock! Even better, all of our pre-owned gowns are sent straight to us, where we inspect the gown and get it ready for resale. Often there is no sign of wear since they have only been worn for a few hours! Like buying a used vehicle from a trusted and certified business that allows for returns, warranties, and stands behind the vehicle, Share The Lovely gives you the confidence to purchase without worry or risk.

#3 Concierge Resale

Our signature concierge reselling process at Share The Lovely makes it easy to sell your gown after your wedding day. We do all of the work with no upfront costs! There is no need for you to spend time taking photos, publishing ads, setting up shipping, haggling with potential buyers, and then trying to schedule a meeting between the two of your schedules. We will photograph your gown, publish the listing, and handle all calls and messages about the gown. We will even arrange the fitting and shipping of the gown! So you don't have to worry about shipping costs or arrangements. We do all of this for you. Our concierge resale means that we take the selling over the selling process, so you don't have to worry about anything except the joy of reducing your own wedding costs, helping another bride afford her fairytale wedding while reducing waste and pollution!

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#4 Helping Support Main Street Bridal

The pinnacle of the bridal experience is at risk. Bridal boutiques are struggling to keep up with a digital world and with the pandemic, even more challenges to overcome. We believe in supporting our local boutiques, which is why we partner with shops around the country to allow brides to try on our gowns inside their shop and collaborate to help brides. Brides get the advantage of a huge online selection of pre-owned and new sample gowns, but with a risk-free try-before-you-buy and local fitting option in-store.

#5 Unique Selection at a Great Discount (Pre-Loved, New Samples, and Overstock)

At Share The Lovely, we have a large selection of gowns! Our sizing ranges from 0-24, with many gorgeous plus-size options. We also have a variety of designers and styles, so whether you are looking for a bohemian-inspired gown or a classic satin ballgown, we have it! But the best part is how much you will save on your gown! Our wedding gowns are typically 50% off or more, and many have only been worn once. You can get a gorgeous gown, in your size, for a discount. It is a win-win! Shop The Gowns here!


#6 Sustainability

Buying a pre-owned gown doesn't just help you save money, but it is a sustainable purchase. You can be a part of making this a better world and environment by reducing waste and pollution. Resale keeps textiles out of landfills and requires less raw goods and factory production. 10% of the world's pollution is caused by the fashion industry. If everyone bought one item used instead of new this year, it would save 449 Million lbs. of waste and 5.78 Million lbs of CO2.


#7 Pay-over-time with Affirm

Are you looking to split up your gown payments? We work with Affirm to give you the option to pay overtime! You can split up your payments, which helps with cash flow and help you pay for your perfect wedding day without taxing your wallet, at all once.


#8 Concierge Shopping Experience 

Marketplaces shopping, aka Classified Ads, is one way to find pre-loved items and a great way to shop for a blender, but it’s not for everyone, especially when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Share the Lovely concierge shopping means that we provide a large and super affordable selection online with the option of a local shopping experience offline. Everything you could have hoped for while shopping for your wedding dress, while still saving a bundle, the planet, and supporting your local community, for a unique and memorable experience with positive impact! Some decisions are easy and make perfect sense. Choosing your gown - Not easy! Choosing where to shop for your gown - Simple!


Buy And Sell Your Gown with Share The Lovely

Are you ready to make a sustainable impact while getting the gown of your dreams? Shop our extensive inventory of pre-owned bridal gowns, or learn how to sell your gown! We are here to help you, every step of the way!