Wedding Trends that are OUT in 2021


Wedding trends around style and color are always fluctuating like fashion, they cycle in and out, and are a reinvention of previous years. Although, this year, like few others in the last 100 years, falls on the heels of a pandemic that has triggered a worldwide reality check. That life is fragile and we all play an important role in our global health and well-being. For weddings, this translated into focusing on genuine experiences and building a meaningful vs. what looks pretty or grand. Although worldwide finances have been crippled, contributing to the “less is more” philosophy, couples are interested in saving in a sustainable and impactful way, to take part in protecting each other and our world. “Show” is OUT, “Impact” and genuine experiences are IN. 


Indoor Weddings are OUT 2021


Indoor is OUT in 2021 


No more limitations of four walls, couples are venturing out as much as possible from the ceremony to the reception, getting out feels healthier, safer, and getting out after a year of quarantine feels good. Wedding venues have gotten super creative in opening their doors and finding unique outdoor spaces for couples to build their perfect wedding event that seems to be a favored "new norm", especially for the most popular springtime weddings that are the perfect time to use outdoor natural backdrops as the most natural and sustainable "wedding decor".

Outdoor Micro Weddings 2021


The typical 200 person guest list is OUT 


Micro Weddings are in. Finally, the bride and groom are spending quality time with each and every guest rather than a frenzy of rushing and a highly-orchestrated, high-stress schedule of events, often without enough time to eat.


Following the crowd is out, following your own unique style is in for weddings 2021


Following the Crowd is OUT in 2021 


After a stifling year, with so many controls and limitations forced on us and new felt freedom and throw-out-the-rule-book bridal styles have emerged. Stop Following the Crowd and Acceptable Trend - Because we only live once.

Unique Alternative Wedding Attire 2021

Wedding Jumpsuit by Love Spell Design

Doing away with the traditional bridal gown in favor of unique styles that speak to a bride’s unique personality such as separates, short gowns, pants-suits, colorful, and even lively multi-colored printed gowns are showing up as new and exciting for brides.


Shopping Secondhand Wedding Dresses is in 2021


Shopping New is OUT in 2021 


A surge in shopping pre-owned, in bridal terms “pre-loved” and sustainable weddings, are trending. This new shopping trend covers an array of positive habits that protect our environment, and cost so much less! Why spend $2000 when you can spend under $1000 for virtually the same dress worn for just a few hours.

Shopping Preowned is the New New in 2021 offers an array of styles that can be purchased online and also provides a unique risk-free option for brides Try before you buy without risk through its participating boutiques nationwide. With this, Share the Lovely is supporting Shop Local, an important trend that is protecting our communities, and last year hit hard by Covid shut-downs and canceled weddings. 




Excess is OUT, Impact is in  

Whether shopping for your venue or dress, being mindful of how your choices affect you, your finances, your environment, your future or your community is super thoughtful and makes an impact, full circle. Every touchpoint that has a positive effect is felt by everyone. Think "purposeful" and "meaningful", "intentional". Instead of an expensive crystal trinket wedding favor, your guests will love that you planted a tree their name or give them the gift that keeps giving, whether a donation to a local charity or a small plantable that will grow and flourish in their family yard that keeps improving our environment for years to come. 


DIY Wedding Dress and Wedding Decor 2021 Trend


Store-bought is OUT, DIY is in 

With so much time in quarantine, the world of crafts and homemade/cottage crafts has exploded. Brides are even designing their own dresses this year or adorning with unique trim if sewing, let alone sewing a full wedding dress is beyond their skillset. What can be more unique and personal than that?


Express yourself and be you


Whatever you do, express yourself and be you with a passion!