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In Ann Arbor, MI, and cities nationwide, Sharethelovely is reinventing wedding shopping. If you're looking for a discount designer wedding dress. Achieve the ideal match shopping online at Sharethelovely and Try Before You Buy locally around Ann Arbor and Nationwide. For couples in Ann Arbor who are working around a modest wedding budget, shopping for pre-owned wedding dresses and discontinued samples at a discount price and excellent value. For a fraction of the cost, shopping is a way of achieving a fairytale wedding without debt and without compromise. Wedding dresses are only worn for a couple of hours and are new in essence. Buying a  used $3,000 wedding dress could save you $2000 or more and you could save even more by purchasing used and affordable designer wedding decor and accessories. "Discount" means low cost and in this case very high value. There are so many once-worn, high-value items that will sell at a deep discount. These same items are gems to be found for new brides. A chance to have the dream wedding while saving $10,000-$15,000 is not a discount wedding, it’s your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost. That’s called sustainable and responsible. The smart way to shop for the big day event.

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Fall Foliage, Ann Arboar, MI

Brides in Southeast Michigan region have fantastic discount wedding dresses under $1000/$500 - Start the Journey Online

If you live in Ann Arbor or the Southeast region and need to stay within a wedding budget, but you also want to experience your fairy tale wedding, our concierge discount designer wedding dresses under $1000 and wedding dresses under $500 is a terrific place to start. Perfect Fit Bridal, our Ann Arbor, MI area partner, provides a fantastic online bridal gown range of low-cost budget-designer wedding dresses and discontinued samples while still enjoying your traditional bridal shop fitting with your bridal party in tow. Shop for budget wedding dresses online at Sharethelovely.

University of Michigan Art Museum, Ann Arbor

Try-Before-you-Buy in the Tri-City. Start your Journey Online

Start shopping discount wedding dresses at Sharethelovely to discover the discount bridal gown you’ve dreamed and make your final decision near Ann Arbor and the Southeast MI region. Our Try Before You Buy option offers you the utmost confidence that the most stunning budget-priced styles are not only everything you have dreamed but also fits you like a dream. Alterations are possible with a seamstress on site. Whether it is for fit or customization, most wedding dress purchases require modifications. A one-of-a-kind style can be produced by your seamstress.

When your wedding budget is tight, you can get a preowned designer wedding dress for discounted prices and still pay later with Klarna at Sharethelovely and Buy-Now-Pay-Later near Ann Arbor.

When you're shopping Sharethelovely in Ann Arbor, MI, and need help with your wedding budget, Klarna is a service that provides you with the ability to make purchases now and pay for them in installments, with no interest. Simply check out as you normally would and select Klarna to get started.

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We found some Great Options for Wedding Discounts for a Small Wedding Budget in Ann Arbor

Planning a wedding on a budget can be a challenge, but we’re here to recommend some of our favorite vendors that can help bring your vision to light without breaking the bank!

Ann Arbor City Club is a local favorite, with dozens of glowing reviews, you seemingly can’t go wrong with this charming local venue.  

Perfectly paired with Wild Arbor Flowers. Offering hand crafted bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and crowns. 


If you're searching for circular and sustainable wedding solutions in Ann Arbor

If you’re thinking of making your wedding green, we are here to help!

Check out Blom Meadworks for a modern take on a sustainable venue. This event room is smaller in scale, offering seasonal brews made from locally grown ingredients, but it certainly packs a punch!

Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving (and growing)! Seeds are a great sustainable gift that will continue to grow long after your special day. For local seeds, be sure to check out the Ann Arbor Seed Company. Winter wedding putting a damper on your garden? Maybe a warm cozy drink is more your cup of tea? Arbor Teas’ Fair Trade Certified, organic tea is sure to delight your guests. From sourcing, to shipping, to packaging, they take the upmost care to make sure their product is ethical.


Unique & Alternatives Service Finds for you Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

Every bride has their own unique style, and we want to make sure yours shines through! That’s why we’re sharing a couple of our favorite local vendors that are as unique as you are, sure to give your big day that personal touch. 

A venue is more than just a place, it sets the stage for one of the most important days of your life. Zingerman’s Cornman Farms is sure to take your breath away. With spaces ranging from indoor to outdoor, intimate to grand, this venue has something for everybody. This farm setting offers fire pits, baby goats, rolling greenery, and a sky full of stars you can dance under late into the night. 

For flowers, we love Red Poppy Floral Design, their beautifully crafted floral arrangements are sure to bring a pop of color to your wedding.



Looking for ways your Wedding can Give Back in Ann Arbor, MI

We love giving back. That’s why we’re excited to shout out local businesses who do just that. 

This bakery is sweet! Honey + Milk started as a way to fund a homeless ministry serving hot breakfast in downtown Ann Arbor for those in need and since shifting to operating as a bakery full time, continues to give back by donating 15% of their profits to local charities. Beyond that, they source local ingredients whenever possible, keeping their environmental footprint down!


Ann Arbor photo-worthy engagement photo spots you’ll love!

If you're having a wedding in Ann Arbor, MI, we found some great places to consider nearby for unique and classic engagement photos.

Nelson Meade County Farm Park, Ann Arbor, MI

Nelson Meade County Farm Park, Ann Arbor Nelson Meade County Farm Park is a 141-acre public park in eastern Ann Arbor, Michigan owned by Washtenaw County and operated by the county's Parks and Recreation Commission. Consisting of a mix of woodlands, fields, and gardens, the park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a popular local destination for gardening, hiking, biking and photography.

St Thomas Apostle Church, Ann Arbor

St. Thomas Apostle Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Ann Arbor, possibly the region. Regardless of religion, this majestic architectural masterpiece is awe inspiring. Photography captured in any location within the campus will cater to providing that fairytale feeling fit for a princess.



Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum Not far from Ann Arbor, this quirky museum in Ypsilanti is perfect for your carefree engagement photos for the throwback vibe with lots of color and energy!

While you’re at it, your next stop, to complete your tour of a simpler era, for the same classic appeal head over to the State Theater in Ann Arbor, and celebrate your upcoming nuptials in town after sundown for some sharp pics surrounded by classic neon!

The University of Michigan's Yost Ice Arena has public skating hours daily during the winter months. A perfect way to capture romantic memories of your special day snapping pics as you skate hand-in-hand romantically, or laughing as you catch each clothes fall.




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Ann Arbor Wedding Venues for Southeastern Mi, Ceremonies and Receptions

We Understand How Much it takes to Prepare for your Wedding! We Just Got Married Too!

Many of us have recently married at Sharethelovely and appreciate how monumental this day is for you. A spiritual journey deserving of the most unforgettable and meaningful celebration you can think of is finding your soulmate. To reflect this big milestone, your wedding is the pinnacle that deserves a celebration as special as you are as a couple.

Online shopping for discount wedding dresses and budget wedding decorations is being reimagined by Sharethelovely. Some of our team members have also recently gotten married. We agree that the modern bride needs a meaningful marriage that makes a difference. Not only for the bride and her dream but to impact her guests, her community, and her environment.

Celebrate, and let none of your lovelies go to waste! Sell at Sharethelovely

After your wedding, don't waste it, the left-over dress and decorations are jewels to another bride! For a one-time event, not everyone can afford $30,000, or they can want a more modest and intimate celebration. Times are difficult, and on each front, our economic and social climate brings even more worry. True brides and special wedding dresses are celebrated by Sharethelovely. We love something that makes you feel the best version of you! If you're into cotton boho wedding dresses, silk modest wedding dresses, or a traditional princess-fit ball gown wedding dress. The one thing we want the most for you is finding the right match and the one you’ve imagined in your dreams. Perfect Fit Bridal ensures you shop the way you want to buy it, finding your dream wedding dress online or trying it on around Ann Arbor! You can find the perfect micro-mini short wedding dresses, or with so many unique wedding dress choices.  Sell Now

Weddings don’t have to be expensive and wasteful. Having a low cost (budget) wedding on a small budget is possible if you shop right!

Discovering great used wedding dresses at a deep discount wedding decor is thrilling. Wedding items, after one-time usage (a few hours) including your wedding dress and wedding decorations maintain almost their full value and are practically new, yet can be purchased at a discount! Reusing these nearly new high-value goods offers circularity and zero carbon footprint and does not affect your budget. Your dream wedding is possible at a fraction of the cost without losing any of the frills, even on the tiniest of budgets. Or it feels fantastic to-waste and expense for a modest or casual reception and ceremony with only a few guests. Be part of the social impact movement and make a difference to your debt load.

Circular & Discount Product Definition Glossary

If each of us bought just 1 used item this year as opposed to buying that item new, it would save 449,000,000 lbs of waste, equivalent to 200,000 cars. Just one item, Per Person, Per year…


A Discount Bridal Shop Devoted to Resale Consignment and Samples

There may be few consignment wedding dress stores devoted to discount-designer wedding dresses and discontinued stock. Consignment stores in your region are often hard to find or often have little to no inventory of once-used or discontinued samples of discount-designer wedding dresses. Brides enjoy a local fitting experience that is generally a meaningful and efficient way to shop for a preowned wedding dress, especially with issues around fit or complex sizing. The very best of both experiences is brought together by Sharethelovely, with a wide selection of online wedding dresses plus the opportunity to sample before you buy across America. Bring your bridal party with you for your planned and needed bridal experience and best-fit outcome. If you live in Ann Arbor or the Southeast Michigan area, Sharethelovely is a great way to shop for your wedding dress online and locally across America starting with Perfect Fit Bridal around Ann Arbor, MI area to try before purchasing. Only available online at Sharethelovely Concierge resale and discontinued samples.

Almost-New Discount Wedding Dress Shopping

Our discount budget selection and discontinued samples, making shopping for a low-budget wedding not only possible but also without compromising style or quality. With no carbon footprint, Sharethelovely inventory is not only affordable but has a positive impact on the environment and logical. Smart brides realize that it doesn't make as much sense to wear a wedding dress for a few hours and spend $3,000 if you can save money, produce less waste, pollution, and the climate, with the added bonus of finding your dream wedding dress below $1000 or even under $500! Shop Now  Sell NowAre You Having a Hard Time Finding a Consignment Bridal Shop in the Great Lakes Bay Region??

Discovering a consignment store dedicated to used wedding dresses and discontinued stock can be tough. Consignment shops in your area are limited and typically have little or no inventory of designer or used wedding dresses. Sharethelovely brings together the very best of both experiences, a large online assortment with an option to try before you buy in local regions. Bring your bridal party with you for the bridal experience and finishing with the perfect fit result is a great way to shop for your wedding dress near Flint, MI or the Tri-City, Central Michigan with Perfect Fit Bridal. Simply shop with us online as you typically would and check out or try before you buy, set your fitting appointment, and try on your dresses near Flint, MI, Perfect Fit Bridal, and Sharethelovely Nationwide.

Available Consignment & Discontinued Wedding Dress Selection for the Big Event!

Finding inspiration. Here are some of our favorite bridal gowns for alternative weddings with modern styles that fit your personality.

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