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Sharethelovely is reimagining wedding shopping around Detroit, MI, and cities nationwide. If you're searching for a consignment wedding dress at a deep discount, our innovative Try-Before-You-Buy local fitting option provides you a shopping experience just the way you need to accomplish the perfect fit around Detroit MI and nationwide. For couples working around a small wedding budget around Detroit, shopping for consignment wedding dresses and discontinued samples and consignment  wedding decor is a way to achieve a fairytale ceremony and reception for a fraction of the cost without debt and without sacrifice. Bridal Gowns are used for just a couple of hours and are basically “new”. A $3,000 secondhand wedding dress might save you $2000 or more. Buying secondhand wedding decor and accessories might save you even more. Consider the opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams while saving $10,000-$ 15,000 on the big day. This is possible through discovering secondhand, essentially-new treasures that are used only once, just for a few hours.


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Brides around Detroit have amazing wedding dress consignment shops through Sharethelovely.

If you live in Detroit, MI or the Southeastern Michigan area and need to stay within a wedding budget, but still want a fairy tale event, Sharethelovely’s concierge consignment designer wedding dresses under $1000 and consignment wedding dresses under $500 is a great way to have it all. Perfect Fit Bridal, our area partner, provides the local fitting experience you need for a traditional bridal experience with your bridal party in tow.


Try-Before-you-Buy | Now Brides can Shop Smarter

Shopping at a consignment bridal gown shop online at Sharethelovely provides great online consignment wedding dresses while still experiencing your traditional bridal shop fitting. Start online at Sharethelovely to discover consignment wedding dresses that are essentially new. Our Try-Before-You-Buy option offers you the utmost confidence that your stunning selection is not only everything you envisioned, but also fits you like a dream.

Seamstress onsite

Alterations are possible with a seamstress on-site near Lansing. Whether it is for fit or customization, most wedding dress purchases require an alteration, whether that is for fit or customization, seamstresses can create a one-of-a-kind style with you. Even wedding dresses in your size and your measurement will typically require some alterations.


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Klarna is a service that gives you the opportunity to make purchases now and pay for them in installments, without interest, when you're shopping for Sharethelovely and need help with your wedding budget. To get started, simply check out as you usually would and select Klarna.
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If you're searching for circular and sustainable wedding solutions in Detroit

If you’ve got your heart set on an eco-friendly wedding in Motor City, Detroit Cultivated should be your first call. With an extensive network of eco-minded chefs and local florists, Detroit Cultivated offers sustainable event consulting that can help you plan the beautiful, and socially and environmentally responsible, wedding of your dreams! From upcycling, to composting they ensure that every aspect of your big day has a positive impact.

When planning an eco-friendly wedding, picking the right venue is important. The Whiskey Factory uses locally and organically sourced ingredients when possible and offers recycling and composting for responsible waste disposal.

Next stop, my favorite florist in Michigan, Detroit Abloom! Detroit Abloom was originally started as a land-use model project, based on the idea that a flower farm could not only make good use of vacant land, but also create meaningful jobs and increase community pride. Their seasonally grown flowers are sure to be a beautiful addition to your big day and add a heartfelt touch to your love story. 

For food, we recommend Coriander Kitchen and Farm for catering and Love and Buttercream for all your bakery needs. Coriander Kitchen and Farm offers farm-to-table catering and a menu made up of plant forward, ethically sourced, and locally produced ingredients. Similarly, Love and Buttercream source local, seasonal, and organic ingredients whenever possible, making a point to help support other Detroit small businesses in their purchasing. 

Lastly, check out Bees in the D and City Bird for sustainable wedding favors with local flare.


Huron River at Gallup Park, Detroit, MI

If you're Searching for Ways to Save Money With a Small Wedding Budget in Detroit, MI

The Rust Belt Market is stunning. And an affordable choice for larger weddings. Not only is The Rust Belt an artist, vintage, and designer marketplace housing more than forty independently owned and operated small businesses, but they also offer a unique event space for private and public events. 

For stunning floral designs at a reasonable price, check out Michael B. Anthony Floral and Event Design. He works with each couple to bring their personal vision to life. 

For stunningly gorgeous desserts that can fit in any budget, head on over to Petite Sweets Detroit or Sugarlips Cakery. From scrumptious dessert tables to cupcakes that scream fun, these bakeries have you covered. 


If you're Searching for Unique Wedding Product and Services in Detroit, MI

Check out The Eastern for an industrial event space that’s sure to wow. A unique gem in the heart of downtown Detroit, this venue sports metal beams, galvanized steel ceilings, handmade tables and benches, and a full bar. 

The Dulce Experience offers truly unique cakes in a wide variety of classic and innovative flavors. If cake’s not your thing, that’s totally cool! Check out Sister Pie for Wedding Pies, dessert tables, and personalized favors that are sure to delight. 

We’re all about edible wedding favors at Sharethelovely. A whimsical, hand crafted chocolate shop, Bon Bon Bon is sure to bring personality to your nuptials.  Bon Bon Bon offers a variety of beautiful, classic, and self-proclaimed bizarre chocolates that will make the perfect wedding favor.





Looking for ways your Wedding can Give Back in Detorit, MI

At Sharethelovely, we believe in giving back. That’s why we’re proud to share this list of local vendors who believe in doing the same. We’ve curated this list of hand picked vendors for the couple that believes in the power of sharing the love. 

For the couple that loves to give back, Eastern Market is the perfect place to step into your new life together. A reputable non-profit, Eastern Market is committed to advancing access to healthy, fresh food in Detroit. Beyond helping uplift the community, Eastern Market also offers an incredible, and humongous, event space that can easily accommodate larger wedding parties in style. 

Nothing’s sweeter than dessert with a mission! That’s why we love the Grand Traverse Pie Company. While pie may not be the traditional wedding dessert, we say make your own rules, and help out a good cause while you’re at it. Grand Traverse Pie Company has partnered with several non-profit organizations throughout Michigan to fight childhood hunger, mentor youth in foster care, and work to end childhood sexual and physical abuse.



It Can’t Be True!...Surprising Michigan Weddings Facts & Stats

  • Cost: Michigan Average Weddings Cost $29,700 in 2019*
  • Industry: Michigan Weddings $1.4B annual business**
  • Preparation Time: Wedding planning 15 months in Michigan****
  • Wedding Vendors: Average Wedding Suppliers Hired in Michigan 13 Wedding 
  • Guests: 139 Guests attend the average wedding in Michigan ****
  • Month: Aug. and Sept. is the most popular month to get married in Michigan: ****
  • Age: Women 26.9, Men 28.9 - Average age getting married in Michigan*****
  • Secret Marriage Law in Michigan*** 1897 (Act 180 of 1987; MCL 551.202) Michigan’s probate judges have the unique ability to approve “secret weddings,” if the court is presented with good reason as to why the nuptials should remain private and not part of the public record. They can also backdate the license. Michigan’s secret wedding law dates back to 1897 (Act 180 of 1987; MCL 551.202). Very few secret marriages take place in Michigan, with only eight occurring in 2018, the most recent year for which data is available. The reasons for wanting a secret marriage could be that the couple is particularly young, or they need to keep the union quiet for another reason, such as a work policy prohibiting the relationship.



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Product Definition Glossary - Circular, Consignment Wedding Dress

  • Pre-owned  - A wedding dress or decor that is often previously worn. However Preowned can mean purchased but never worn, and still with tags. Some brides will buy multiple wedding dresses and end up wearing one or two.
  • Consignment - Agreement to sell one's possessions through an authorized third party (consignee). Usually, the consignee receives revenue from the sale in the form of a commission after the consignor's possessions are sold. 
  • Resale - Dresses, Accessories, and Decor previously purchased with the intent to wear Some are worn/used and others new with tags/never worn. Sometimes a bride will purchase more than one wedding dress and wear it on her wedding day and some may not due to wedding-day fit issues, change of wedding theme, weight change and a variety of other reasons.
  • Sustainability - Focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. The Three Pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social—also known: as profits, planet, and people
  • Discontinued Samples - Wedding dresses that were in-store, on-rack, or manufacturer’s showroom, but no longer for sale and might be 1 - 5+ years from their original production date. 
  • Overstock - Wedding Dresses that were originally purchased to sell (retailers) but were often purchased at a higher number than anticipated so no longer in season and leftovers from previous seasons.
  • Budget Wedding Dress - A Dress on the lower end of the price spectrum. The average wedding dress is around $2,000. A budget dress is usually a wedding dress under $1,000 depending on a couple’s budget. For some brides, a budget wedding dress might mean wedding dresses under $500. With that said, in some economic circles, a budget wedding dress might be anything under $5,000 or even $10,000.
  • Eco-friendly - ‘eco’ friendly (or ‘ecology friendly’) is a term to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal or no harm to the environment.
  • Organic Fabric - clothing made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of Cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie, or Wool.
  • Natural (organic) fabric vs. synthetic (manmade) fabric - Natural fabrics—such as cotton, silk, hemp, bamboo, and wool—are made of animal or plant-based fibers, while synthetics are man-made and produced entirely from chemicals to create fabrics like polyester, rayon, acrylic, and many others.
  • Circular Fashion - Circular fashion is where industry waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, including through reusing and recycling, and where natural systems are regenerated. Used, used (used, secondhand, consignment) is an example of circular fashion that reuse assets that have value rather than disposing of.

If each of us bought just 1 used item this year as opposed to buying that item new, it would save 449,000,000 lbs of waste, equivalent to 200,000 cars. Just one item, Per Person, Per year…


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