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Sharethelovely is re-imagining shopping in Flint, MI, and cities nationwide for your Big Day. Sharethelovely has the ideal mix brides need if you are looking for a used wedding dress at a deep discount and would like to Try-Before-You-Buy at a nearby bridal shop near you with a fitting and seamstress for the perfect fit. Shopping used wedding dresses, discontinued samples, and used wedding decor is a way to achieve a fairytale wedding for a fraction of the cost, without debt and without compromise, for couples working around a limited wedding budget in Flint, MI. For just a few hours, bridal dresses are used and are practically "new". A used dress of $3,000 could save you $2000 or more and you could save even more with used wedding decor and accessories. Consider the chance to have the reception of your imagination while saving potentially up to $10,000 +

Flint Michigan Wedding Planning Resources on a Budget





Stone Walking Bridge, Flint, Michigan

Brides in Mid-Michigan and the Tri-City location have fantastic bridal shopping options for used wedding dresses under $1000 and under $500.

If you live in Flint or the Mid-Michigan and the Tri-city area and need to stay within a wedding budget, however, you still want the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, our concierge used designer wedding dresses under $1000 and wedding dresses under $500 are a great way to begin. Shopping for Used Essentially-New Wedding Dresses online at Sharethelovely through our Flint, MI partner, Perfect Fit Bridal allows for a great online wedding dress selection of used wedding dresses and discontinued samples while still experiencing your traditional bridal shop fitting with your bridal party in tow!

Used and Essentially New Gowns Online | Try Before Your Buy near Flint Michigan

Our Try-Before-You-Buy solution offers you the utmost confidence that everything you have dreamed also fits you like a dream. Alterations are possible with a seamstress on site around Flint, MI. Whether it is for fit or customization, most wedding dress purchases require modifications. In Greater Tri-Cities, seamstresses will build a one-of-a-kind design with you. Even wedding dresses would usually need some adjustments in your size and measurement. Brides around Flint will discover 1000s of used bridal gowns, discontinued wedding samples, and plus-size wedding dresses to shop online or select "Try-Before-You-Buy" near Flint, MI, or national partners.

Our Passion ~ To share a fully sustainable and circular solution for women to create authentic, fairytale weddings without taxing her budget or the environment.


Your Wedding Budget will Love Klarna at Sharethelovely for a Buy-Now-Pay-Later Option.

Klarna is a service that offers you the opportunity to make purchases now and pay for them in installments, without interest, when you're shopping for Sharethelovely online or around Flint, MI, and you need help with your bridal event budget. To get started, simply check out as you usually would and select Klarna.Klarna is a global payments service provider that works with merchants to provide customers the smoothest online shopping experience by providing special payment options. Learn more.



We’ve found some incredible Budget Wedding Services in the Flint and Central Michigan area

We do not want you to compromise a single detail, even if you are planning on a budget. Without blowing your budget, we believe you can have your dream wedding, and we're here to help! Not only are our consignment dresses an inexpensive way to get your fairytale look, but we have also compiled a list right in Central Michigan of some of our favorite budget-friendly vendors! 

Just because you’re trying to plan your wedding on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. Hiring a knowledgeable wedding planner can not only reduce the headache of event planning but actually save you money in the long run. That’s why we’re excited to recommend Golden Events and Design. Located in Lansing, they can help you with all your wedding planning needs to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

My favorite budget-friendly find on this list is probably The Pine Tree Barn. Halfway between Flint and Clio, The Pine Tree Barn sits on top of 20 acres of Pine, Birch, Oak, and Maple trees. This outdoor setting is absolutely breathtaking. 

Brumley & Bloom’s floral designs are sure to bring out the natural beauty in any ceremony. 

For delicious dessert at a reasonable price, check out The Sweet Cake Company.



If you need some Unique wedding resources, we’ve found some one-of-a-kind wedding services in the Flint and Central Michigan area

At Sharethelovely we love to celebrate the individuality of every bride, so we’re here to help bring out your personality in every detail of your ceremony from your dress to your cake and everything in between. 


The perfect wedding starts with the perfect ring. Orchestra Custom Design Boutique recognizes that every bride is one of a kind, and that’s why they work with you to craft custom engagement rings you’re sure to cherish. Not only do these pieces allow you to show off your own unique style, but they’re crafted from ethically sourced, recycled, and fair trade metals. 

Originally designed to be a space where creatives could come together, Shades of Teal has since branched out to become a pop-up wedding spot. This intimate venue offers pop-up weddings where all the details are taken care of for you! That’s right… no planning! Just show up!



Now that you’ve got the perfect ring and the perfect venue, it’s time to invite your guests! Every person at your ceremony has played a special role in your life, and what better way to reflect that sentiment than with hand-addressed invitations. Meg Bosse Calligraphy offers handwritten envelopes and place cards that are guaranteed to make your guests feel special. 

Not only is Salt & Ko the perfect fit for any budget, but they work with you to create dishes from your stories. They work with clients to develop a unique menu tailored to you, and source only the best, local, fresh ingredients. 

From ornate succulent cake pops to stunning apple tarts, and of course, exquisite wedding cakes, Cakes by Krista can help bring your unique vision to life. Her gorgeous creations are sure to be the talk of every party.

Have you been searching in Flint and Central Michigan for meaningful sustainable marriage resources?

So you're planning your big day, and you are still hoping to minimize your effect on the world while you want to make sure it's unforgettable. We're sharing some local suppliers that will help you organize a great event without the enormous carbon footprint.

Cushing Field House, situated just outside Holly, provides stunning scenery that is sure to make every ceremony a beautiful backdrop. A rustic feel with chic features and natural beauty is combined with the reclaimed barn.

Twig End Farms are a must if you're looking for stunning, sustainably grown flowers. Twig End Farms is a small urban flower farm selling fresh-from-the-garden flowers for the season. For every flower child, they also sell completely adorable flower crowns that are beautiful.

Now, to my personal favourite wedding part-the food! I was beyond excited to come across Saginaw's From Scratch Catering & Event Planning. Their award-winning food is 100 percent natural and uses ingredients sourced locally. They have you covered, from casual to lavish. And finally, but definitely not least, without dessert, no menu is full. That's where you get Fairy Tale Confections. Not only are their cakes exquisite, but they also offer vegan options and try to incorporate organic ingredients when possible.

If you're having a wedding in Flint, we found some photo-worthy spots to consider for engagement or wedding photos.

If you're having a summer or fall event around Flint, MI, Genesee Belle Cruise is a fantastic way to capture panoramas and fall foliage. The Belle's upper deck offers cool summer breezes and unobstructed sightseeing, while the enclosed and climate-controlled lower level is surrounded by windows that provide a spectacular view of Mott Lake. All Genesee Belle specialized cruises depart from Stepping Stone Falls, provide exceptional photo opportunities.

The Stepping Stone Falls is a favorite spot for a classic traditional photo op and a continually popular Flint attraction.

Crossroads Village is an authentic 1800s Great Lakes town with more than 34 historical structures that make this a picturesque wedding venue with many attractive features. Facilities include a chapel and gazebo for smaller ceremonies and 2 facilities to accommodate large reception events in Flint.

Crossroads Village Carousel, Flint, Michigan

Genesee County Orchards and Farms makes charmingly rustic wedding locations that spring through the fall. These outdoor venues often inspire a couple to include a barn, horse, or even a vintage car into the event or wedding photos.

Carriage Town Historic District, Flint,Michigan

Built in 1920s, The Durant Hotel has been Flint's premier hotel for over 50 years, providing luxury accommodations fit for the various dignitaries, celebrities, and business leaders visiting from around the globe. Throughout its life, it served the City of Flint as a grand setting for all manner of events, conventions, and other celebrations. Located in the heart of downtown, The Durant Ballroom has been renovated to integrate those same sentiments in an entirely new, fresh, and exciting way, making it among Genesee County's most prominent wedding venues.



If you're looking for more information on leasing a landmark facility for your wedding reception in Genesee County, MI, Genesee County Facility Rentals 

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Wedding Venues for Flint and Mid-Michigan Area Weddings:

After your wedding, let none of your lovelies go to waste! Start selling your wedding lovely’s!

After your event is over, waste it not, let your left-over dress and decor be another bride’s treasure and recuperate your wedding costs and debt! Not everyone can afford $30,000 for a one-time event, or they may want a more modest and intimate event. Times are tough and our economic and social environment is adding even more concern on each front. Start Selling Now

Weddings are expensive and can be wasteful! Having Positive impact and making a difference feels good!

It's exhilarating discovering great used wedding dresses and used wedding decor at a deep discount and makes perfect sense. Once-worn designer dresses and wedding decor retain their value and are essentially new after one-time use for just a few hours! Reusing these high-value, almost new items provides circularity and zero carbon footprint. The used wedding dress and used wedding decor is a great way to have your dream come true reception with all the frills, or for a modest or intimate event with just a few guests. Feel great reducing waste and costs. Be part of driving a positive impact and making a difference to both your debt load and past brides. Every step by each person makes a difference

Your dream wedding without debt while making positive impact!

The sad truth, most couples go into debt spending an average of $35k on their wedding, ending up with $1,000’s in waste, of essentially new bridal gown accessories and decorations never to be used again, ultimately ending up in landfills. The bridal gown alone costs an average of $2,000 which is the average paycheck in America. With 65% of Americans 1-2 paychecks from bankruptcy, there’s a disconnect. The economy is experiencing tough times. Now more than ever, a less wasteful approach and great savings help new couples, and families as well as couples who already got married, and of course our environment.

Wedding Dress Product Definition Glossary


If each of us bought just 1 used item this year as opposed to buying that item new, it would save 449,000,000 lbs of waste, equivalent to 200,000 cars. Just one item, Per Person, Per year...


Designer Almost-New Used Wedding Dress Shopping Solutions

Buying used and sustainable wedding inventory is possible through Sharethelovely an eco-friendly wedding dresses and decor marketplace for shopping at a fraction of the cost with no negative carbon footprint. Smart brides recognize that wearing a wedding dress for a few hours and paying $3,000 doesn't make as much sense when you can save money, waste, pollution, and the environment, with the added benefit of discovering your dream wedding dress under $1000 or even under $500!

Have you searched for a “Used Bridal Shop Near Me” but want to start your journey online for selection?”

Have you looked for a "Used Bridal Shop Near Me" but want to start your journey online?".

If you've looked for a "Used wedding dress shop near me", you might have come up short. Chances are you discovered a few online wedding marketplaces where brides sell directly to other brides, like at Relovely, the Marketplace at Sharethelovely. Or you can find online bridal consignment shops that curate and verify items also available at Sharethelovely. But very few online stores are dedicated to providing you with a local wedding dress discovery experience with Try-Before-You-Buy for the extra confidence you may need before deciding on the one! Sharethelovely Marketplace and our Concierge resale stock to provide you with a great online selection and efficiency with the offline local wedding dress shopping experience you've envisioned.

Are You Having a Hard Time Finding a Consignment Bridal Shop in the Great Lakes Bay Region??

Discovering a consignment store dedicated to used wedding dresses and discontinued stock can be tough. Consignment shops in your area are limited and typically have little or no inventory of designer or used wedding dresses. Sharethelovely brings together the very best of both experiences, a large online assortment with an option to try before you buy in local regions. Bring your bridal party with you for the bridal experience and finishing with the perfect fit result is a great way to shop for your wedding dress near Flint, MI or the Tri-City, Central Michigan with Perfect Fit Bridal. Simply shop with us online as you typically would and check out or try before you buy, set your fitting appointment, and try on your dresses near Flint, MI, Perfect Fit Bridal, and Sharethelovely Nationwide.


Available Consignment & Discontinued Wedding Dresses for the Big Event!

A selection of sustainable and used wedding dresses for the modern and unique bride.

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