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Sharethelovely is reinventing wedding shopping. Our revolutionary Try-Before-You-Buy local fitting option offers you a shopping experience just the way you need to achieve the ideal fit consignment wedding dresses at a deep discount. For couples working around a small wedding budget around Lansing, shopping for consignment wedding dresses and discontinued samples and consignment wedding decor is a way to achieve a fairytale ceremony and reception for a fraction of the cost without debt and without sacrifice. Bridal Gowns are used for just a couple of hours and are basically “new”. Consignment wedding dress shopping might save you $2000 or more. You can save even more by buying secondhand wedding decor and accessories. Consider the chance to have your dreams' wedding while on the big day saving $10,000+. This is possible by finding second-hand, practically fresh treasures that are only used once, only for a couple of hours.


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Boji Tower, Lansing Mi

Consignment wedding dresses under $1000+ near Lansing - start your journey online.

If you live in Lansing and the Tri-city area and are working within a small wedding budget, but you still want the fairytale experience, Sharethelovely’s concierge consignment below $1000 and consignment wedding dresses under $500 is a great way to have it all. Through our Lansing, MI area partner, Perfect Fit Bridal, you can shop online at Sharethelovely for a great selection of Consignment and Discontinued inventory and then enjoy your preferred bridal experience with your bridal party by your side around Lansing, MI. Our Try-before-you-buy option provides you with the confidence that your choice is everything you envisioned.

Our promise ~ To deliver a fully sustainable and circular solution for women to create authentic, inspiring, and unique weddings without taxing her budget or the environment.

Try-Before-you-Buy | Now Brides can Shop Smarter!

Shopping consignment bridal online at Sharethelovely provides you great consignment & discontinued wedding dress selection while still experiencing your traditional bridal shop fitting. Start online at Sharethelovely to discover essentially-new consignment inventory and the Try-before-you-buy for the final confidence you need to make the best choice that fits like a dream. With a seamstress on location alterations are possible.

Seamstress on Site

If you need to get started with alterations, get started right away with a seamstress on site to recreate a one-of-a-kind style with you, whether for fit or customization, most wedding dresses require an alteration. Discover essentially new bridal gowns at a fraction of the cost through our designer-consignment inventory and finish with a perfect fit!

Wedding Budget? No Problem with Klarna at Sharethelovely for a Buy-Now-Pay-Later with No Interest option in Lansing, MI.

Klarna is a service that gives you the opportunity to make purchases now and pay for them in installments, without interest, when you're shopping at Sharethelovely but you need help with your wedding budget. Just check out as you usually would, and pick Klarna to make your purchase today, receive your dress, and then make payments overtime. Klarna It is a global payment service provider that partners with retailers by offering exclusive payment solutions and superior customer support to provide consumers with the most seamless online shopping experience. Find out more.

Smart Shoppers Relate to Essentially-New, High-Value, Low-Cost!

Smart brides recognize that eConsignment bridal is the smart solution. Wearing a bridal gown for a few hours and paying $3,000 doesn't make as much sense, when you can save money, reduce waste, pollution, and the environment with the ultimate advantage of discovering your dream wedding dress under $1000 or even under $500!




If you're searching for circular and sustainable wedding solutions in Lansing and Grand Rapids?

Eco-friendly weddings? We love them! No better way to start off your commitment to each other, than with a commitment to the world around us. If you’ve already made the decision to go green, or maybe you’re still considering it, either way, we’re here to put your mind at ease that having a sustainable wedding in Grand Rapids is totally possible.

If you’re not sure where exactly to start, The Lost Forty is a great jumping-off point. They cover everything from flowers to favors, making planning a thoughtful, sustainable wedding easy. 

The perfect backdrop for your wedding should be gorgeous, and also good for the planet. That’s why we love the Downtown Market Grand Rapids. Not only do they offer a handful of beautiful settings that elegantly combine greenery with a cool industrial feel, but they also go out of their way to make sure the space is sustainable through their energy and water savings measures, sustainable waste disposal practices, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Some other great vendors to check out are Fleurology Designs and Windflower Design Co who both use locally grown flowers to create beautiful and sustainably-minded compositions.

When it comes to sustainable food there are three things we always look for - local, organic, and delicious! The Everyday Chef and Wife definitely meet all three criteria. These creative dishes are sure to wow your guests and make you feel good too. Keep those good feelings going long into the night by sending your guests home with some of Patricia’s Chocolates. Made from Fair Trade Certified Cocoa, these tasty treats are sure to be your guests’ new favorite wedding favor.

Are you on a budget and need to Save Money on your Wedding in Lansing or Grand Rapids, MI?

You’ve been saving for your big day for ages, and now that it’s finally here we want to make sure it’s fun, vibrant, and an unforgettable first step into the rest of your life. That’s why we’ve picked some of our favorite vendors guaranteed to provide creative solutions for brides on a budget. 

The first stop, The Cheney Place, this iconic urban space hosts all sorts of events and is perfect for a bride on a budget. For the couple that loves to have fun, this open concept space offers urban elegance, tons of unique photo opportunities, and plenty of room to dance! 

For bouquets that won’t break the bank, we love Stems Market! These gorgeous arrangements are simply stunning and available at affordable prices. 

Round out the night with catering by Stan Diego Baja Taco Kitchen. This caterer is bringing a taste of California to the Midwest at prices we all can appreciate.

Are you an Authentic Bride and want to find Unique Wedding Resources in the Lansing and Grand Rapids area?

The creative couple is sure to love New Vintage Place. With towering historical windows, original exposed brick and structural steel, and soaring open-architecture ceilings this unique space is full of classic charm and vintage character. 

Eastern Floral offers unique arrangements guaranteed to satisfy your personal style. 

Food truck lovers, buckle up! Gettin Fresh is putting a unique twist on wedding catering. With menu offerings that range from Thai Corn Cups to good old fashioned Grilled Cheese, they’ve got something for everyone.

Looking for ways your Wedding can Give Back at your Wedding in the Lansing and Grand Rapids area?

Giving back is a beautiful way to commemorate your big day, and we’re here to help that make happen. That’s where we come in with some of our favorite local vendors that believe in sharing the love. 

For an event space that gives back, check out Lions and Rabbits. With a mission of bridging the barriers between art, community, and economic development, this gallery space hits a home run on our list - affordable, unique, and doing good.




Since its conception, Moveable Feast Catering Company has raised nearly a million dollars for charitable organizations throughout Michigan. Moveable Feast also offers green event services with compostable and biodegradable tableware and trash bags. 

Confections with Convictions gives us all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings, and we hope you’ll love them too. Offering fair trade, and organic chocolates handmade by young people overcoming barriers and making new beginnings, since 2010, this shop has been using sweet treats to help young people with criminal convictions overcome barriers to employment through crafting beautiful desserts that also happen to make perfect wedding favors.


If you're having a wedding in Lansing, we found some photo-worthy spots to consider for engagement or wedding photos.


W.J. Beal Botanical Garden This garden, established in 1873 by Professor William James Beal, is the oldest continuously operated university botanical garden of its kind in the United States. MSU Garden Gates that flanks the east and west entrances to the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden, makes for a stunning photo opportunity for your wedding party. 

The Lansing River Trail now stretches all the way from Waverly Road Old Town! You can also catch it from Potter Park into MSU. Altogether, over 16 miles of paved trail pass through numerous parks and natural areas, as well as Downtown Lansing is abundant with walking paths and architectural bridges for your the most creative and unique wedding photos.

MSU Garden Gate, Lansing, MI

The Grand Ledge Opera House is a tribute to a town embracing its past while moving into the future. The building opened in 1884 as a roller rink when Grand Ledge was a thriving tourist town. It subsequently became an opera house: a home to traveling theatrical shows as well as athletic and school events. It is now a charming building available to all. Today the Opera House provides a distinctive setting for event venues and a picturesque setting for receptions and other large gatherings. The Grand Hall on the main level will accommodate 240 guests reception style.


Downtown Lansing, MI Historic District

The Lansing Capitol Building If you want a cool artsy shot just wait until sunset. The capital is gorgeous by itself and with the right light, it will brighten up anyone’s feed.


The Lansing Center - For the first time in over three decades, downtown Lansing will welcome a new full-service hotel as part of extensive new development. The massive complex will span 4.15-acre portion of land on the 600 block of Michigan Avenue, will occupy 150,000 square feet and house thirty-six apartments, a 5,000-square-foot restaurant/bar, a Meijer grocery store, and the new Courtyard by Marriott.


The Grand Ledge Opera, Lansing MI


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Wedding Venues in Lansing MI and Tri-City area:

We Understand How Much it takes to Prepare for your Wedding! We Just Got Married Too!

Many of us at Sharthelovely got married recently and understand how monumental this day is to you. Finding your soulmate is a spiritual journey worthy of the most memorable and meaningful celebration you can dream up. Your wedding is the pinnacle that deserves a celebration as unique as you as a couple to represent this major milestone.

Sharethelovely is reimagining online shopping for consignment bridal gowns and consignment event decor. Many of our team members got married recently too. We recognize that the modern bride and that she wants a meaningful ceremony and reception that makes a difference. Not just to the bride and her vision, but to impact her guests, her community and her environment.

Celebrate, and let none of your lovelies go to waste! Sharethelovely is obsessed with all that is lovely and meaningful.

After your wedding is over, waste it not, your left-over dress and decor are another bride’s treasures! You might be the way to make her dream wedding possible. Not everyone can afford $30,000 for a one time event, or they may want a more modest and intimate event. Times are tough and our economic and social environment is adding even more concern on each front. Sharethelovely celebrates authentic brides and unique wedding dresses. We love whatever makes you feel like the best version of you! Whether you like cotton boho wedding dresses, silk modest wedding dresses, or the traditional ball gown fit for a princess. Finding the perfect fit and the one that you envisioned in your dreams is the one thing we want most for you. Finding your dream gown online or trying it on near Lansing, MI, Perfect Fit Bridal ensures you shop the way you choose to find the one! With so many unique consignment wedding dresses you might find the perfect micro-mini short wedding dresses, or billowy beach wedding dresses. Many of our brides are thrilled to see organic hemp wedding dresses and can’t go wrong with the tried and true fit and flare or mermaid wedding dresses that fit like a dream.

Weddings are expensive and can be wasteful! Having Positive impact and making a difference feels good!

It's exhilarating discovering great consignment wedding dresses and consignment wedding decor at a deep discount and makes perfect sense. Once-worn wedding dresses and wedding decor retain their value and are essentially new after one-time use for just a few hours! Reusing these high-value almost new items provides circularity and zero carbon footprint. The consignment wedding dress and consignment wedding decor is a great way to have your dream wedding with all the frills, or for a modest or intimate wedding with just a few guests. Feel great reducing waste and costs. Be part of driving positive impact and making a difference to both your debt load and past brides. Every step by each person makes a difference

Experience your Dream Wedding without Debt and Positive Impact!

The sad truth, most couples go into debt spending an average of $35k on their wedding, ending up with $1,000’s in waste, of essentially new wedding dresses and decor never to be used again, ultimately ending up in landfills. The Dress alone costs an average of $2,000 which is the average paycheck in America. With 65% of Americans 1-2 paychecks from bankruptcy, there’s a disconnect. The economy is experiencing tough times. Now more than ever, a less wasteful approach and great savings helps new couples, and families as well as couples who already got married, and of course our environment.

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If each of us bought just 1 used item this year as opposed to buying that item new, it would save 449,000,000 lbs of waste, equivalent to 200,000 cars. Just one item, Per Person, Per year…


Have you searched for a “Consignment Bridal Shops Near Me” but want to start your journey online?

Until today, if you've looked for a "Consignment wedding dress shop near me", you probably came up short. Chances are you discovered a few online bridal marketplaces where brides sell directly to other brides, similar to the Relovely Marketplace at Sharethelovely. What you’ve been looking for is an online wedding consignment shop that curates and verifies secondhand wedding dress quality. Now Sharethelovely has both a peer-to-peer resale marketplace and concierge consignment inventory and try-before-you-buy locally. Try-Before-You-Buy for the extra confidence you may need before deciding on the one! The Sharethelovely Marketplace (Relovely) and our Concierge consignment inventory provide you with a great online selection and offline local consignment bridal dress shopping experience. 

Have you looked for a "Consignment Bridal Shop Near Me" but want to start your journey online?" You have the option to shop online for secondhand wedding dresses, and then Try before you buy near Lansing, MI.

A Secondhand Consignment Bridal Shop in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Discovering a consignment wedding dress shop dedicated to secondhand wedding dresses and discontinued stock can be limited. Consignment wedding dress shops in your area are usually limited and typically have little or no inventory of designer-consignment wedding dresses. Through Sharethelovely, brides can opt for a local fitting experience, which is typically a meaningful and effective way to shop, especially with fit or complex sizing concerns. Sharethelovely brings together the very best of both experiences, a large online assortment with an option to try before you buy across America. Bring your bridal party with you for the bridal experience and fit result you expect and need. Sharethelovely is a great way to shop for your wedding dress online and nationwide if you live near Lansing, Tri-City, Central MI area with Perfect Fit Bridal for an online shopping experience and the option to try before you buy. Simply shop with us online as you typically would and check out or try before you buy, set your fitting appointment, and try on your dresses around Lansing, MI, Perfect Fit Bridal, and Sharethelovely Nationwide.

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