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You sell directly to brides

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1  Choose a Plan

Pay commission only after sold

2  Product Setup

Set up your product in the marketplace and upload your photos

We send you a free dress mailer, photograph, set up your dress in the marketplace & other sales channels

(Accepting dresses only at this time)

3  Sales & Marketing

Send brides to your product page directly, or they find you while shopping & searching for wedding dresses, accessories and decor in the marketplace.

We promote the marketplace to brides

We drive brides to your product through promotions, third-party sales channels including Google shopping, and local partners



Brides use dynamic fit tools for successful size match. Process orders online or arrange meetings with brides locally. 

You get paid in full, but brides can pay over time!

Brides use our dynamic fit tools for successful size match. We provide local "Try Before You Buy" fittings!


Brides can pay over time!

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Why it matters 

  • Resale reduces your past wedding costs (or debt!). If you spent $10,000, you can start recuperating those costs and clean out your closet too.

  • The fashion industry produces more damaging emissions than the aviation and transportation industries combined. Resale keeps textiles out of landfills & reduces emissions.

How it affects you

  • It’s unlikely you’ll need your wedding dress again, but for someone else struggling, it’s the making of a fairytale wedding. Doing good feels great.

  • Pay less and get more, even if you don’t want the job of selling your dress in a marketplace, we do it for you through a concierge consignment service.

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