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Resale Reduces your wedding costs (or debt). If you spent $10,000 on your wedding goodies, maybe you can recuperate a good portio of that through resale and feel good clearing out your closet while giving a new bride a way to create her fairytale wedding.
Even small changes make a difference. Resale keeps textiles out of landfills and requires less raw goods and factory production. 10% of the world's pollution is caused by the fashion industry. If everyone bought one item used instead of new this year, it would save 449 Million lbs. of waste and 5.78 Million lbs of CO2.
It's unlikely you'll need your wedding dress again. For a bride struggling to create her dream wedding, you become a real-world fairy godmother. It feels good and helps recuperate your wedding spend too!
Concierge Resale is Super Simple. We sell for you! No risk, No Worry. No upfront Fees. Pay only when sold!


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Sharethelovely receives a commission, only after sold,
With no upfront fee.


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Online>Local Bridge Program

  • Regardless of global uncertainties expand local and national sales.
  • Gain competitive edge online and offline.
  • Overcome industry challenges through cooperative-asset model

We Love Mainstreet Bridal

  • Sharing value and adding diversification without risk 
  • Helping a brides create the wedding of their dreams and positive impact one dress at a time.


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- Our Promise -

To deliver a fully sustainable and circular solution for women to create authentic, inspiring, and unique weddings without taxing her budget or the environment.

- Sharethelovely




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Sharethelove.ly is reimagining wedding shopping through a sustainable-resale marketplace-platform. We're currently aligning with industry visionaries to create an evolutionary "partnership". Sharethelovely helps its exclusive local partners gain more sales, good will, and new marketshare just in time for the new economy.

We provide the industry and consumers a range of sustainable products and services that help couples create the wedding of their dreams for less while driving positive impact. We’re bridging together the online and local wedding market, helping businesses thrive through shared assets.


Couples spend 700 hours researching online but go offline to make 85% purchases. There's a disconnect and a challenge in the way brides shop, wanting great selection, pricing and the offline experience she needs. Couples spend on avg. $35k on their wedding and end up with up to $20,000 +/- in product they used for just a few hours, ending up as waste.

The bridal industry is struggling to keep up with digital sales & marketing to compete with digital/brick and mortar competitors and they are closing at an alarming rate - even more so with Covid-19. Now there is a new way to grow and gain strength regardless of global and industrial uncertainties.


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Fit Video


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Don't measure over any other clothing except what you will where under your dress.


Measure with tape loosely around your body. Do not pull tight.


Look at "Dress Measurements" below, next to "Product Details" for the actual measurements of this dress.


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Shop Share the Lovely 

  • Wedding Dress (Authenticated Concierge Consignment).
  • New Organic Wedding Dresses (cotton, silk, hemp)
  • Discontinued Samples
  • Try Before you Buy Options!
  • Buy Now, Pay over time


Shop With Risk or Worry

  • Wedding Dresses (worn for a few hours up to 75% + off).
  • Verified/Authenticated Inventory
  • Buy Now, Pay over time 
  • Shop online or Try it on locally




Why it matters 

  • Resale reduces your past wedding costs (or debt!). If you spent $10,000, you can start recuperating those costs and clean out your closet too.

  • The fashion industry produces more damaging emissions than the aviation and transportation industries combined. Resale keeps textiles out of landfills & reduces emissions.

How it affects you

  • It’s unlikely you’ll need your wedding dress again, but for someone else struggling, it’s the making of a fairytale wedding. Doing good feels great.

  • Pay less and get more, even if you don’t want the job of selling your dress in a marketplace, we do it for you through a concierge consignment service.





The Share the Lovely Difference

We're shaking up the way brides shop and sell their dress!

No-Risk Try-On Near You


Multiple payment options


We Sell For You


Shop with Confidence




We're proud to offer shopping options that make a difference!

Online assortment to you


Multiple payment options


We've got your back!







With each purchase, we are proud to support our non-profit partners empowering women and protecting the environment.







LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt





Please provide the address you would like Sharethelovely to mail you a check. Checks are sent out the last weekend of the month.

We also are able to make payments via Paypal. Please provide the email address and name associated with your paypal account.

Please contact us with any questions, help@sharethelovely.com





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