Surprising Wedding Facts

Together we can drive positive impact one dress at a time!

Average Wedding Cost in the US

Resale can save up to 70% +/- for the new bride and the bride after her wedding!

Average Time the wedding dress, accessories & decor are used

The most expensive items in your closet are barely use...Resale of wedding items makes logical sense.

Wedding Dress Fabric

Wedding dress fabric is typically made of synthetic fabrics that are like potroleum and take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Wedding Shopping and Planning

Couples spend 800 hours shopping and planning online for one year on average. Then they go offline to make 85% fo their purchases. Planning awedding can feel like a small film production with dozens of product categories and services.

Keep Wedding Dresses and Decor out of Landfills

It would be like removing 73 Million Car Emissions from the road each year! Resale helps keep us safe and a healthy environment.

The fashion Industry is the 2nd largest producer of pollution globally

Resale can remove a large percentage and help save the environment, water, earth, and the air we breathe.