Why Share the Lovely
Before and After your Wedding

Look Great, Do Good & Pay less, Without Sacrifice.

  • Shopping the way brides love to shop!

Got Married?

Even the most modest wedding can create debt and cause financial strain. Shopping Pre-Loved and New Samples up to 75% off helps offset those costs!

Getting Ready for the Big Day?

You want a meaningful wedding but not the high costs. Shop online for high-valued wedding dresses at a deep discount, with the option of a local fitting experience. For a delightful experience and a successful outcome, without waste or sacrifice!

Love Shopping Online? Love Your Community?

We're bridging the gap between the two!

We're supporting Main-Street Bridal & "Shop Local". Shopping for your dress is often tied to a special experience while still wanting online efficiency and assortment. The business solutions we're offering our retail-network participants are offsetting many of the challenges bridal boutiques are experiencing today, helping support bridal shopping traditions with an evolutionary spin!

Positive Impact One Dress at a Time.

Look Great, Do Good & Pay less, While shopping the way a bride needs to shop. Every Circular Action Drives Positive Impact – Socially, Environmentally, Economically.

If each of us bought just one circular item vs new, it would save 449 Million lbs of waste each year.

Share it Forward - Looking Great - Doing Good, Paying less, while shopping the way a bride loves to shop, without sacrifice.

- Our Promise -

To deliver a fully sustainable and circular solution for women to create authentic, inspiring, and unique weddings without taxing her budget or the environment.

- Sharethelovely