Before and After Your Wedding

  • Look Great, Do Good & Pay less, Without Sacrifice.
  • Shopping the way brides love to shop!

Got Married?

Even the most modest wedding can create debt and cause financial strain. Resale helps offset those costs!

Getting Ready for the Big Day?

You want a meaningful wedding but not the high costs. is the perfect way to access high valued items used for just a few hours, while experiencing online efficiency and the offline experiences they need!

Love Your Community?

Support Main-Street Bridal

Wedding shopping is tied to the local experience, while still wanting the efficiency and breadth of online shopping. Many bridal boutiques are struggling. Our partner solutions are offsetting many of those challenges and engage in emerging opportunities!

Positive Impact One Dress at a Time.

Look Great, Do Good & Pay less, While shopping the way a bride needs to shop. Every Circular Action Drives Positive Impact – Socially, Environmentally, Economically.

If each of us bought just one circular item vs new, it would save 449 Million lbs of waste each year.

Share it Forward - Look Great - Do Good & Pay less - While shopping the way a bride needs to shop, without sacrifice.

- Our Promise -

To deliver a fully sustainable and circular solution for women to create authentic, inspiring, and unique weddings without taxing her budget or the environment.

- Sharethelovely